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The project aims at the constitution of a new walkable neighborhood focused on the quality of life and work, in which the various daily functions are facilitated by this mobility hub, which includes air and road transport. The urban core of Viracopos is divided into two centralities by the taxiway lane, which connects them. The development of both is anchored by public transport stations. The centrality 1, created inside the airport site, appropriates the existing land, preserving its main natural characteristics and incorporating them into the project. It has uses of different scales:



Aeroportos do Brasil


land area



built area




hospital, college, residential, offices, hotels and mixed buildings. Next, to the expressway, there is large commerce. The centrality 2 is anchored at terminals 1 and 2 of the airport; is a more urban area, with previously planned water treatment substation, to which are added mixed uses - residential, offices, hotels and commercial complex. The Viracopos Airport Complex intends to cross the borders of a simple airport, effectively integrating itself in the metropolitan region of Campinas and São Paulo.

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