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The unique landscape and its environmental value generated a set of challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, there is the physical and legal characterization of property, with restrictions; on the other, we have its accessibility and proximity to the mining capital, in an axis of urban expansion. Today it is possible to affirm that the development of the area represents the possibility of harmonious coexistence of the urban and natural resources - a situation that reflects both


Odebrecht Realizações


land area



urbanized area

1.543.715 m²


built area

432.322 m²


residential area



office park



punctual and intense occupations, as well as a rigorous environmental conservation. We have, therefore, assumptions of compact cities in front of the modernist spreading of the cities. The main considerations regarding this environmentally sensitive area were the relationship between settlements and the support of the natural landscape; the link between new and natural visual references; the breaking of barriers; the connection of the paths; the new sectoral contexts.

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