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In the South of Bahia, this project is part of a larger plan bringing together residential condominiums, hotels, private airport, and the most spectacular golf course in South America. The architectural party of Terravista Vilas seeks not to impact the area destined to the implantation of this enterprise; thus, the unit adopts a floating constructive principle, such as loose stilts from the floor.


Empreendimentos Ltda.


land area

86.263 m²


built area

11.940 m²


residential area




The central structural equilibrium base touches the soil in 7.5% of the area of projection of the unit. The lobby and reception were designed at the entrance of the development, for the reception of guests and visitors; there is also a space destined to the arrival and control of employees, clothing and food supply, to the administration of the complex with service and social areas, with restricted access.


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