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The nautical tourism and hospitality project for Ilha da Bexiga is anchored on the following three pillars: marina and nautical activities, short-term hospitality and tourism activities, and long-term hospitality and vacationing. The combination of these three concepts ensures the harmony of the proposal, as well as the possibility of composition between the different elements of the project. The entire project, both in terms of urban planning and architecture, was developed using geomorphological models


Senpar Ltda. e

Amyr Klink


land area

110.512 m²


built area

20.400 m²



that prioritize the preservation of the island's original configuration and will allow the application of ecogenesis techniques throughout the project's development, both in its humanized areas and in its surrounding maritime environment. Therefore, this project represents a proposal that, by harmoniously integrating with the environment and landscape of Ilha da Bexiga, aims to create the first nautical tourism and hospitality venture in the region, elevating Paraty to one of the world's leading nautical tourism destinations.


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