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Granja São João de Icaraí is located in the district of Itaipava, in a Special Protection Zone (SPA). The concern with the urban and environmental quality were the main guiding principles of the parceling project. The maximum occupancy totals 40 lots, which represents a low impact on the existing ecosystem and its vicinity. Natural barriers were decisive for defining the boundaries of lots and non-buildable areas. Due to the slope of the lot, lots are accessed by the higher level, which allows for


Vectra Consulting Ltda.


land area



urbanized area

282.200 m²






the view to the center of the property which has a large pond and lush landscaping. The traffic and pedestrian flows are organized through roads that have made the most of the existing road system, with the minimum width required, minimizing the effects of earthworks. In addition to this, areas of preservation have been defined, so that they do not suffer human interference.

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