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Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias


land area

11.775 m²


built area



residential units




The implantation of two residential buildings, with about six floors, in the form of "U" configures three internal squares. The buildings are implanted in the basement, with neighborhood commerce facing the street, accesses of pedestrians, vehicles and parking lots. The ends of the buildings, next to their lateral recess, have 14 floors, creating a closure and drawing attention to the inner squares, where there is leisure area. The social spaces of the apartments are aimed at such squares.

Twelve types of apartments, linear and duplex, make up the wide variety of plants. There are also two types of coverage: one with outdoor pool and bar, and one with indoor pool, sauna, and SPA. The architectural proposal makes reference to the buildings of New York of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, within a contemporary reading. There is ordering and, at the same time, sophistication in the scaling of spaces and proportions, and the quality of detail stands out.

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