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The Rio Teleport Center was the object of a municipal bidding in the nuclear area of Teleport in Rio de Janeiro, a smart neighborhood of 5 hectares near the administrative headquarters of the City Hall, and located only 2 km from the city's financial center. The Teleport of Rio de Janeiro is located in a strategic point of Presidente Vargas Avenue, adjacent to one of the city's busiest subway stations, Estacio Station. The adopted architectural party contemplates the union of the two


Prefeitura do
Rio de Janeiro


land area



built area




lands made available by the City Hall to the nuclear area of Teleport through a plaza-catwalk, which integrates the open spaces on the third floor, creating and repeating the microclimate of the pedestrian street of the ground floor. To this end, this complex, involving work, commerce, and leisure, corroborates the expanded concept of teleport, fostering the movement of employees during work hours - with the presence of many companies active 24 hours a day - and visitors.







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