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The project consists of the implementation of a subdivision in Mangaratiba (RJ), in a gleba bordering the railway line, adjacent to the BR-101. The typologies are diversified and associated with different uses, such as residential, tourist, commercial and leisure. Aspects such as environmental preservation were also taken into account. In addition to physical and environmental constraints, the main constraint of the project is the need to


CDS; Atlântica


land area



urbanized area
637.000 m²


built area



hotel units



residential units




implement a landscape transition strip for sound and visual attenuation of the impacts of the railway line. Another basic concern is to facilitate access to the beach and green areas, preserving these spaces without isolating them from the population. We can mention, for example, the lookout over the Morro do Tinguí, part of the landscape recovery program, which gives a tourist character to the place.








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