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The urban project was designed for an area of more than 200 ha, divided into three phases: the condominiums of Quintas do Rio, Del Lago, and Alphaville, as well as lots of multifamily and commercial groups. In one of the most valued regions of Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, on the edge of the Jacarepaguá Lagoon, the project is composed of urban cells formed by 22 lots implanted around squares, thus creating the ambiance of


Gafisa S.A. e Plarcon Engenharia S.A.


land area



total alloted area



Quintas do Rio area

325.954 m²


Del Lago area

261.372 m²


Alphaville area

663.611 m²



the villages without losing sight of the spirit of similar ventures

in the neighborhood. Not by chance, the 22 lots and the square total 2 ha, the minimum module that differentiates between rural and urban areas. In modules of 2 ha, there must be approximately 80 people, an important amount for the promotion of community living. Neither too big nor too small, reducing the risk of indifference or excess of intimacy.

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