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The objective was to identify the main constraints, as well as to define the parameters, which will serve as the basis for the proposed occupation of the area of 89.8 ha in the municipality of Alvorada, RS. The Porto Verde development is part of a larger subdivision area called the Algarve. This allotment presents itself as a milestone in the transition from a pre-existing occupation to a differentiated concept, focusing on the

quality of life of its users - concern of the entrepreneurs and



Imobiliário Ltda.


land area



urbanized area

359.540 m²



premise for future occupations in a largely occupied area.

The area is part of this allotment, in a peripheral region of Porto Alegre, predominantly occupied by a lower income public. The main objective of the study is to generate value for this new occupation from differentiated urbanization patterns that provide comfort, safety, leisure and other factors determining the local quality of life.


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