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Competition sponsored by the Rio de Janeiro City Hall for the development of a Media Centre for the 2016 Olympic Games in two sites separated by a huge canal in the downtown area.
The proposal was to connect the sites with a building-bridge, housing commercial areas on a pedestrian street covered.
The project was based on Rio de Janeiro’s topography.
The parking lots, rather than being excavated or elevated as basements, were like small hills covered with vegetation, and also an extension of the surrounding streets.


Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro


land area



built area



hotel units



residential units




The street-park is defined by spontaneously emplacements of the towers basements andresidential buildings, which delimit private spaces, appearing on the landscape as the mountains of Rio de Janeiro over the forest.

The proposed program includes two hotels, convention center, apart-hotels, commercial and residential buildings – where during the games will form a campus with the Olympic Media Village, Village of Arbitrators and the Exhibition Centre.

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