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Banco Icatu;
Grupo Ipiranga;
Banco Opportunity


land area



built area



hotel units



residential units




The urbanistic concept that presides over the "Ponta do Curral Resort" is a planned occupation of the areas, whose original vegetation has already been decharacterized by the previous action of the man, with emphasis on the recovery of part of them, especially those that integrate more directly buildings. In general terms, therefore, the methodology used aims to prevent the continuity of the incidence of decharacterization factors, in addition to generating the rational use of landscape and environmental patrimony that singles out the property.

The project as a whole foresees the implementation of the following equipment: three hotels; four leisure clubs; eight centers of commerce and services; marina; horse riding; central administration; and nursery; in addition to two residential areas that are distributed by the remainder of the aedificandi portion of the property. Some basic principles presided over the elaboration of the occupation proposal for Ponta do Curral and are in harmony with the preservationist spirit on which the APA is based.

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