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The AmanJau hotel was designed in keeping with its surroundings, constructive techniques and local materials. The implementation aims to minimize the area used on land, avoiding the removal of vegetation and the change of landscape. The hotel will feature river tours to pristine sites, waterfalls, freshwater fishing tours, and tours of the flora and fauna of Amazonian forests. The project provides a central body and two double wings, symmetrically arranged. The hotel rises 14 m by means of wooden pillars inside the water, respecting the seasonality of the river regime. With a large 18m-foot, the




architectural project

Denniston Architects & Planners Ltd.


land area

1.310.000 m²


built area

16.000 m²


hotel units



central body will be a landmark in the landscape, housing reception, restaurant, living room and library. The double wings, perpendicular to the central body, house 32 suites facing the landscape, each one composed of a living and rest area. Each wing is separated by a water mirror 18 m wide. Access to the units is done by a ladder located in the mirror span. The support, maintenance and administration areas are located in a clearing, adjacent to a jetty that will also serve as a mooring point for staff boats and supplies.

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