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The architectonic lines, defining the plastic composition of full and empty, were based on the foundations that conceptualize the principles of contemporary architecture. The dynamism of volumetry is completed with the composition of light and shadow, as well as the insertion of minimalist elements, which integrate external and internal spaces with hierarchy and harmony. The coating materials are shown in different colors and textures, reinforcing the proposed architectural language, with emphasis on the dynamism of the facades from the straight lines and prefabricated elements.


Le Monde Office Life


land area

2.204 m²


built area

20.470 m²


business area




The access points to the venture, with emphasis on the main access, benefit from the composition of a landscaping of lines also minimalist, integrating the semipublic and transitional space into the internal space. The plane in glass skin, opposed to the facade, values ​​the foundation and qualifies the plastic ensemble resulting from the proposal. Located on the roof, the social and social areas were designed with environments that favor integration and social events; individual drives are prized for privacy and layout flexibility.

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