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The concept of the project for the Lanai Hotel excels by the harmonious insertion in the urban context and in the local landscape of the Lagoon of the Conceição, in Florianópolis. The low visual and traffic impacts are its main guiding points. The program includes 77 suites, a restaurant, SPA, photo studio and a small convention center, distributed in three blocks connected by means of vertical circulations.


Lumak Participações Societárias Ltda.


land area

9.639 m²


built area

15.165 m²


hotel units




The suites were positioned in the two blocks perpendicular to the edge line of the lagoon. The building will be built on the projection of the existing subsoil, built on the site, preserving almost in its entirety the area of permeable terrain. One of the project's strengths is integration with nature; the volumetric scaling was conceived with this purpose: to visually shape the design by mimicking the existing landscape.

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