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To carry out the urban project Jurerê Internacional Norte, adjacent to the SC-401 highway and the Ratones River, it was necessary to analyze the local and regional urban contexts, physical and legal data, as well as strategic factors related to commerce. Non-developable areas were preserved as green spaces for leisure, and public use, integrated into the proposed urban fabric. Parallel to the highway, deceleration lanes were implemented along with a strip divided into six lots. 


Imobiliários Ltda.


land area

2.053.614 m²


urbanized area

754.086 m²



These lots are designated for the Office Park, featuring commercial office buildings; the Downtown area, offering cultural and leisure activities for the population; the Guga Institute, focused on sports, education, and leisure activities; and the University. By the developers' request, predominantly multi-family and single-family residential uses were planned within the property.


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