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Futungo de Belas is inserted into the urban expansion area of Luanda, on the connection axis between the central region (with old and consolidated occupation) and South Luanda area, a zone of recent developments. The core of Futungo comprises about 157.87 hectares, which is crossed by Via Samba. The Futungo is one of the most privileged sites of Luanda. It is designed with a view to enhancing the quality of the spaces,

the fruition between them and the integration of all









Odebrecht Angola


land area



built area



hotel units



residential units



convention center




linear park


botanic garden


open mall





elements of a neighborhood. The natural waterways and the existing vegetation are the structural elements of the project, organizing different cores of the project.

Hotels, Marina, and Museums were designed, besides the promenade on the seafront, on a route that conforms to leisure, sports, entertainment and shopping happening in the same space.










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