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The result of the work of the EG Fontes Building is the result of a reflection on the existing architecture and the quest for sustainability, which started with an existing 1943 project. EG Fontes, a classic example of the ART DECO architecture, with a façade composed of balconies and spans of ventilation and illumination in rhythm composition, has been preserved in almost all its original volumetry. The new proposal of commercial commercial use, took advantage of the original elements of this composition, understanding that the original party would only add to the new enterprise a more humanized reading.




land area

2.959 m²


built area

20.872 m²


business units




The main façade was totally maintained and recovered, consecrating EG Fontes as a landmark in the history of the City of Rio de Janeiro. The commitment to this sustainable philosophy followed the following considerations, which led to the development of the architectural project of the EG Fontes Building: Architectural Design and Environmental Quality; Climate and Energy; Rescue of the Sight for the Guanabara Bay; Environment built and reformulated by RETROFIT; Building Certification - LEED.

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