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The Disegno Casas Boutique is located in an area of environmental protection, between the Lagoon of Marapendi and Reserve Beach. The enterprise is fully integrated with nature. All houses have rainwater reuse and solar energy capture systems. The charm and sophistication make this the first boutique house in Brazil, where every detail is fundamental. The result is 22 residences with customized projects and differentiated façades. Landscaping, signed by the


PR Figueiredo


land area

19.500 m²


built area

15.011 m²


residential units



Burle Marx Office, gives even greater exuberance and harmony to the enterprise. A club with sports courts, SPA, swimming pools, saunas, massage room, pilates room, cinema, among others, complete the condominium facilities. Foresteria ™, comprising 23 satellite suites, represents an added convenience for those who need an office, atelier or space to receive guests.

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