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Located in the western part of the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhood of Recreio dos Bandeirantes, the Green Recreation Corridor extends from the Marapendi Park to the Pedra Branca Massif, passing through very diverse urban areas. The Corridor exerts influence over approximately 700 hectares and has a linear extension close to 8 kilometers. The Green Recreation Corridor is a small contribution to the








Secretaria Municipal

de Meio Ambiente do

Rio de Janeiro


preserved areas



public areas




historical overcoming of the dichotomy of nature, recognizing the importance of ecosystems in cities and the need to preserve, connect and expand them.Def Projetos and Embyá worked in partnership with the Environment Department of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. Honorable mention at the 53rd Annual IAB / RJ 2015 Awards and was published in the magazine Parques Cariocas.





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