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The traditional model of shopping center tends to cease to exist. The return to the city happens in the revitalization of traditional centers, port zones, and shopping centers. This project brings companies, people, services, culture, and development into one and the same set. The proposal was based on the establishment of the Nova América Corporate and Nova América Offices buildings in the parking lot of the mall. The Corporate has three blades for corporate use, totaling nine floors, and a lobby with metal structure, glass closure, and 16 meters ceiling. Offices have commercial rooms, ground floor,




land area

138.000 m²


built area

185.600 m²


hotel units



business units



convention center



mezzanine and seven floors. The integration between the blocks is given by metallic walkways. The ground floor is part of the Fitness Center and Convention Center, located on the upper floor. In the first floor of rooms, there is the atrium of connection with the mall, that extends by a footbridge, bringing more fluidity. The mixture of brick, metal and glass coatings translates, through the use of rustic and industrialized elements, the formation of a unique reading and in consonance with the facade factory registered by the City Hall of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

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