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Located in a site of peculiar characteristics, the Ciudad Terra Mar project, new centrality for low-income housing, is delimited by the Andes Mountains, Pacific Ocean, a Pan-American expressway and small mountain ranges. In these were established public parks and large collective leisure areas. To answer economic questions, there was a rationalization of buildings, without, however, lacking space for the dynamism characteristic of the city. The project was structured from urban cells, where the private space of the residence forms the













land area

16.000.000 m²


built area



residential units




collective space of the squares. These, in turn, are multipurpose spaces that also act as a way of accessing the units, local leisure area, and parking, and, due to their diverse landscape, guarantee a visual identity to the whole. About 500 meters from each residence there is a neighborhood center, where local commerce is located. Regarding the infrastructure, a technical lot was placed, located next to the larger streets, to house the service and equipment center.










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