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The project-proposal is a redevelopment of the Chimica Arenella’s industrial buildings and its surroundings. All of this thanks to the initiative of Palermo’s authorities and its awareness of the potential of the tourist segment and its maritime coast.The project proposal is structured in two distinct typological blocks: the touristic block consists in a hotel with 220 rooms including swimming pools areas and tennis courts, an area for exhibitions spaces and a complex of indoor and outdoor spaces for conferences, events, cinema, theater and a park by the sea.


Gruppo Cipriani


land area

64.800 m²


built area

44.235 m²


hotel units



movie studio



convention center





The productive block is to encourage photography and cinema, with implantation of lofts-studios.

Chimica  Arenella is an innovative project where the universe of film productions, multimedia, fashion, culture and arts are assembled into an iconic hotel that creates a high standard tourism complex in Sicily, who shows that it’s possible to translate the present vocation without disrespecting the past, anticipating future trends in a reference to pleasure, health, beauty, culture, and history.

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