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Located in Alto da Boa Vista, in a set of nineteenth-century buildings, the development was designed to be a tourist destination to rescue the historical heritage inside a lush park surrounded by pristine forest. The project is based on an integrated approach to sustainability and consists of 100 suites, SPA, two restaurants and bar, leisure area with swimming pool, meeting rooms and events, library and boutiques.


Castelo Hotéis, Resort e Empreendimentos


land area

96.942 m²


built area

10.067 m²


hotel units




In order to adapt the whole to the hotel program while preserving its historical and artistic character, it was necessary to create an annex, where the football field is located. The materials chosen for the new building are distinguished from the original ones, maintaining, however, harmony. Thus, it is possible to guarantee a non-invasive architecture, integrated into the environment.

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