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The detailed profile of the resort has been developed through a thorough program of market research, as much of the general demands of the tourist industry as of the specific potential of Recife and Pernambuco.

The basic conclusions of this research were that the resort should have a strong nautical flavour and be developed in two phases. More profoundly, it was established that the resort should be highly diversified, with nautical, hotel, real-estate and sporting facilities. The marina - the resort’s anchor product - will combine dry berths for rent by residents of the resort’s




land area



urbanized area



built area



residential units




condominiums with wet berths both for the hotel and to deal with the anticipated “passing-trade”. The wet marina will also accommodate a fleet of sailing boats. Recife is the principal access port in the Northeast for cruise liners and other transatlantic vessels.

Leisure facilities will include numerous tennis courts, a gymnasium, an olympic pool and a water-park as well as an 18-hole championship golf course linked closely both to the hotel and to parts of the condominium.

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