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The fundamental principle of the project is to combine the implantation of a tourist equipment, capable of capitalizing on the natural beauty of the region, and the preservation of environmental and landscape qualities, using them as an element of valorization of the enterprise itself. The project consists of a contemplative eco-resort, consisting of 42 high-luxury hotel units and 12 residential units with hotel services. There is a minimal and careful intervention in the area, both


Orient Express


land area

185.009 m²


built area



hotel units







regarding the preservation of existing vegetation and buildings, and the implementation of new buildings, which respect the peculiarities of the property, inserting itself organically and harmoniously in the landscape. The existing buildings in the area known as Mansion of Sorrow and attachments are a landmark in the property, so they must be preserved and recovered. The creation of the PECS (Costa do Sol State Park) made it impossible to implement the project.

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