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Art Living Argentiera aims to demonstrate that the combination of nature and contemporary art is a "possible utopia". From this idea, it is proposed to create an open place where each form of artistic expression is associated with the valorization of the territorial context, sustainability, and territorial conservation. The catalyst consists of an area of ​​great historical-scenic value situated on the Argentiera Hill, in the interior of the Etruscan Coast. The project aims to create an expositive route articulating covered spaces, semi-open, open and underground


Grupo Fratini


land area

416.997 m²


urbanized area

31.000 m²


built area

22.000 m²


hotel units



art lodge




allowing a collection of contemporary art of international level financed by collectors of different nationalities. The intervention takes place in an area that incorporates the olive grove, the vineyard, the forest and a stream surrounding the hotel, established after the recovery of Villa Serristori and the individual pavilions of the collectors. The Art Living project represents the integration between the original space and the created one - an intervention that unites tradition and future.

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