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Terra Simão


land area

18.490.884 m²


urbanized area



built area

7.924.310 m²


hotel units



residential units




Arboville is located in Jacareí, in the Paraíba Valley, next to São José dos Campos, one of the main industrial centers in Brazil, 80 km from São Paulo and the Port of São Sebastião. The vocations of industry, logistics, commerce and residential were distributed in two different sections. With multiple uses, the neighborhood should house a population close to 135 thousand inhabitants. The project consists of an accessible neighborhood with mobility options providing for a BRT corridor, cycle paths and qualitative public spaces, as well as an urban park with ecological trails connected to preexisting forest areas, integrating the neighborhood with nature.

There are multiple uses, with a main, denser central area, with a shopping center, cultural center, hotels, offices, vertical residential and technological center. In addition to this centrality, the neighborhood will also house four other centers, in less densely populated areas, with schools, local commerce, residential vertical and horizontal and mixed uses. One of the characteristics of the project is the use of active façades to liven up the streets.

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