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The proposed expansion of the Passenger Terminal of the Santos Dumont Airport is necessarily due to the observance of several extraordinary factors, besides those usually considered in this type of project. In view of this, the party adopted for the enlargement of the Terminal of Passengers of the Santos Dumont Airport considered a minimum of physical interventions in the existing building, seeking only to adapt it to the new proposed operational configuration. The new building is a glazed central body with the functions of lobby and landing



Figueiredo Ferraz


land area



built area



existing building

7.700 m²


airport expansion

47.300 m²


hotel/business center

130.690 m²



Planarcon Projetos
Técnicos Ltda.



and landing area on the first floor, landing and boarding and landing remote on the ground floor. This central link "leans" in the current building with a subtle intervention, in respect to the architectural features of the building. In the original proposal, it was planned the deployment of areas for offices, shops, hotel and covered parking in the space now occupied by the airport's uncovered parking. It should be noted that the proposed shading solution for the shipping area (brise-soleil) was not installed.

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